Monday, April 30, 2012

a {little man} baby shower

one of my oldest and dearest is having a baby, so what else do we do, but shower her with love and presents. it's actually her 3rd boy, (they're naming him that name) but all of their baby stuff is long gone.
meet rachel. i've known this lovely lady since junior year of high school. we were instant besties. people thought we were twins...interestingly enough, we don't look alike aside from our brown hair. 
i don't think i would've survived high school without her!
love ya, rach!

on to the festivities...

the invites. i made these myself. 
the mustache clipart i purchased off etsy (if you've never seen etsy, you're missing out...super cute handmade/vintage items).

my sweet, wedding planner sister helped me out by making these delish chocolate cupcakes and letting me use her serving dishes. 
we used mustache die-cuts to make toppers. 
i purchased all of the mustache die-cuts off of etsy, as well.

a yarn-wrapped letter 'e' had to make an appearance, with a stach', of course. you know how i'm loving these easy diy decorations. orange ranunculus in a blue mason jar for table color. 
and lots of chalkboards!
the chalkboard frame was a diy as well. an empty wood frame painted with chalkboard paint. the background behind the stach' is simple scrapbook paper.

the shower was at 3 in the afternoon, so we had a small, simple menu.
the menu included:
ham florentine ring, fruit & veggies with dip, veggie pasta salad, and cupcakes.
there were also 3 little ramekins in our sitting area with pecan pralines, mini peanut butter cups, and powerberries (not pictured) (thanks traderjoes).

for beverages, of course we had masons with paper straws.

lemonade, raspberry lemonade, sweet tea, cucumber lime mint water, and water were the choice beverages.

all the guests were asked to fill out a sheet of scrapbook paper with blessings, bible verses, or whatever they so desired for baby eli. after everyone filled them out, they were tied together to form a blessings ring. (i got the idea here.)

scrapbook paper banner.

scrapbook paper tie banner. super easy, and would be super cute for father's day...which is why this one was saved!

we had to have the trendy photo booth just because we could.
i made bow ties, neck ties, and used the mustache die-cuts and glued them on chopsticks... innovative i know!

i was so excited to use this vintage chalkboard. i found this at an antique store (if you've been a follower, it was the cool/creepy one with the clock outside that i showed here.) it's one of the ones that used to be used in schools. this was on my front door. welcome.

also shown here, those chocolate mustaches were the party favors. 

rachel and her cute mama.

rachel and her cute friends.

yep, that's us, those crazy kids.

me and my sister. i don't know what i would've done without her help. she was so great!
thanks, ash!

mustache die-cuts: 2633 creations (etsy)
mustache clipart: littleweddingworks (etsy)
mustache mold (for candies): sweetmolds (amazon)
paper straws: kikkerland (amazon)

Friday, April 27, 2012

instagram overload

i haven't blogged in about a week, and i haven't shared my instagrams in over two...maybe three. so, here are my two and/or three weeks worth of instagrams.
normally, i might skip some, but i really had to share. 
they also happen to be some of my favorite things...
my husband, my boy, my girl, my city, my friends, etc...i have a lot of favorites.
my instagram id is julieyaryan if you want to follow along.

we had some missionary friends from thailand come and visit us for about 5 days. tim is one of caleb's best friends, so we were really excited about them coming. we took them and their 3 kids under 4 around charleston. we had a great time!
(don't you just want to squeeze those chunky cheeks. love my girl!)

we even got to go on a double date while they were here. thank goodness for grandparents and greatgrands that don't ever mind watching kids.

the top left is a picture from our dinner table on our date. it was fabulous. 
i love charleston. it's beautiful during the day or night. 
the top right is of a fountain downtown. it's sad when there has to be signs because of lawsuits. 
it's ankle deep, if that!

i love him, my babies' daddy, my beau, my beloved, my one and only.

my boy.
i love him. and, when he's trying on daddy's glasses, he looks like a minime caleb.
his dark brown eyes melt my heart! they are piercing, and i know they'll be trouble when he's older.
girls, stay away!

speaking of girls, jude had a blast with this little beauty, lael. her parents are two of our dearest friends. lael and jude are a month apart...lael being older. they were down at the beach for a few days, so we went to visit. i've never seen jude take a picture with another child and be so genuinely happy.

my girl.
i love her. i mean, i'm smitten by this sweet baby who rolled over from back to front this week!
time, please slow down!

my kids love eachother. 
jude loves to "hold na," and to hold her hand. 
it's so sweet!

my neighbors found a birds nest in their bushes. jude was super excited to see it.
jem is absolutely one of my favorite cartoons from my childhood, so could you imagine my excitement when i found it on netflix's newly added streaming list...maybe you can' my husband who didn't think it was 'truly outrageous.'
my little guy loves puzzles.
clara, our needy, overly sweet, lick you to death, old lady doberman.

{me, joy, carissa}
last weekend, we went on a triple date. we had an amazing dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, mosaic. then we went to tcby for yogurt (which happened to be our second dessert).
these girls are amazing, and i love them. what would a girl do without friends?
the bottom picture i thought was a mistake, but apparently i was wrong. 
the hubs informed me he thought it was interesting and that's why he took it...i thought he was just snapping away because he was ready to go.

i was wearing make-up and had actually fixed my hair...that was cause enough for a snapshot.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

{nora} six months

i can't believe it's been half a year already. you are six months old. 
you are growing so fast. i'm afraid to blink because i might miss something! 

you are sitting up on your own for a little while until you tumble over. you love to jump with your strong legs. you will soon be pulling up on your own, you have already tried, but wasn't quite able to yet. you rolled over for us, and daddy got it on video the second time you did! your favoite thing to chew right now is your foot, which makes changing you a little more difficult, but you still laugh and smile the whole time. the day before you turned six months you started opening your mouth when i showed you your food...which made my feeding you a lot easier! you have loved every veggie and fruit you've tried, even peas! you are trying a sippy cup with some'll get it, eventually...for now, you like to chew on the spout.

your face lights up when you see your brother. he loves you, too. he says, "hi, na" and "jude hold na." he loves to hold you (with mommy right beside y'all on the couch) and 'fall' over. you laugh in delight.
your smile is infectious. anyone who sees your beautiful, toothless grin melts.
mommy melts and wishes she could keep you this way forever...
always wanting mommy, pressing your forehead to mine to show your love.

your hair is starting to come in more. it's so cute how it stands up on your head. it's a light brownish color right now. your eyes are a grayish-blue with a little bit of brown. daddy and i wonder when they will stop changing color. 

you like to go to sleep on your own, without mommy's help of rocking. i want to rock you, but you won't have it. i can only sing a song or two before you want to lay down and stretch out. you like to bury your face in the crib or in your lovies. you have to have something touching your face and your stuffed cat and or monkey to hold. and you love the paci.

you are an easy baby. you have really learned to go with the flow of our crazy family.
you have been a real joy to mother. you are a sweet gift from the Lord, and i'm truly blessed to call you my daughter.
i love you, noragirl.

Friday, April 13, 2012

bubbles. books. bananas.

my week has been crazy busy. i'm hosting a baby shower tomorrow, so i've been making decorations, getting last minute things at the store, making chocolate mustaches, cleaning, etc...all while taking care of my two littles, spending time with my sis and her boys on spring break and the newly moved near us great-grandparents (my grandparents)...whew! i'm tired.

my instagram name is julieyaryan if you want to follow.

 one of my favorite breakfasts or lunches or snacks is peanut butter and a banana. 
just spoon that peanut butter onto a plate, cut up banana and dip. yum!

my fortune cookie's not really a fortune, but i thought it was funny. 

my sister helped me make the baby shower party favors...chocolate mustaches. 

this boy loves some bubbles. 

 watching the bubbles. 

it's a rare thing for both of my kids to be napping at the same time. so, instead of doing housework or decorations, i took a mommy-time break. thankful my sweet backdoor friend lent me this page turner. 

 i was super excited to find this book on amazon. i looked for it last easter and it was sold out. 
one of my favorite book reviewers, tim challies, highly recommends it. a few of his words:

"And so I will leave it with merely my wholehearted recommendation and the knowledge that I will return to it often. This short book is an invaluable treasure and I am certain that the reflections it contains will stay with me and come to heart and mind whenever I meditate upon the cross of Christ."

 said great-grandparents: mema and papa. loving on nora girl.

our attempts at easter pictures with the four of us was so hard. 
how do people take good family photos with a 2 year old and baby?

this boy had a hair cut and then ate doritos. yes, i let him eat doritos...or i should say his dad let him. he passed out in the car on the way home...hand in bag.