Friday, March 30, 2012

candy, coffee, chunky cheeks and a mustache

i'm loving instagram right now, which means this could be a forever friday thing.

we have a newish, family-friendly restaurant that my family usually ends up eating at every saturday.
not only is it really good, but you get to eat boiled peanuts while you wait on your food. 
boiled peanuts are a wonderful thing in the south.

sitting outside with daddy after lunch.

i wonder what's going through his head...

look at that face. how can we say no...(we actually did because he had just had a treat)

have you seen these books? they're called indestructables. i've loved them. they were great with jude and now with nora. they're completely baby chew proof, rip proof, won't turn to mush while slobbering proof. nontoxic and 100% washable! 

love sleeping babies...especially when they fall asleep while i'm holding them.

this was in my backyard. i sent this to my sweet, works-a-lot husband to tell him it was time to mow. 
(i would do it myself, but he says that's his job.)

mowing like daddy.

nora swinging.

couldn't you just eat her up! i love these chunky cheeks!!

my new fave drink in the mornings (or anytime of day). 
cold brewed coffee. 
say goodbye to starbucks.
oh, and it must be sipped out of a jar.
there are a ton of recipes on the world wide net. here's one. and another
i actually make mine with almond milk and vanilla torani syrup. 
go ahead and try it. i dare you.

sunset over the harbor.

jude caught a lizard. he was stoked!

baby with a mustache.
i'm working on decorations for a baby shower for a sweet friend. it's a little man baby shower. i'll show pictures of the invite and decor once we get closer to the date.
nora was helping me out. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

istagramming it

last weekend, we piled in the car and took the kids to a really special spot that means a lot to my sweet and me...cypress gardens. it's beautiful. the way the cypress trees stand tall surrounded by the black, still water is breathtakingly beautiful. it's where we went on our first's where we spent countless hours in college reading books to each other while paddling through the lily pads spotting alligators and's where he asked me to become his mrs.

yes, we're in shorts in's already so hot here!

jude peaking through a walking bridge that sits over the brackish water.

nora hung out in the ergo with mama the whole time.

jude wanted nora to sit with him in the wagon. it was sweet. she wasn't so sure about it.

jude spent sometime with his grandma on wednesday while i went to trader joe's...we've only had one for a little while and i absolutely love it...i decided to stop in this little's thieves market...isn't it fun and sort of creepy all at once! it's like i stepped back in time when i saw it. there was some antique furniture and little dust to look at...i didn't buy anything.

nora did so well with me while i looked around. i can't get enough of her smile!

while at tj's i spotted some almond milk. i'd never tried it before and now i'm sold...i don't know if i'll ever drink cow's milk again...probably that's an exaggeration...i'm excited to try it in baking. it really tastes great, and it's, win!

Monday, March 19, 2012

five months {nora}

five months have past since little nora girl entered the world. she's gotten so big...loving to sit up...trying to on her own and trying to gain balance. she's content on her tummy for a little while. on her back, she scoots backwards, using her feet to push off of the floor or whatever is's rather funny to watch and too darn cute...she smiles the whole time she's doing it. 

she really is so smiley. i love to see her whole face light up. i think jude is her favorite person to smile at. she loves to watch him...she's so attentive and observant.

we tried baby oatmeal at 4 months, and it was a complete fail. so, i waited a little longer and tried again...with baby food fruit in it...she's getting a little better at keeping the food in her mouth...i forgot how messy oatmeal can be. i think she's teething...drool is a constant, as well as chewing on whatever she can get into her mouth. 

nora loves to hear singing. i would love to sing and rock her at bedtime, but i can only make it through one song...she laughs and smiles the whole time instead of falling asleep. she's an early riser...well, our early...we were used to big brother getting up around 8 or 8:30...mommy's not used to these 6:30 mornings! (i know some babies get up earlier, so i can't complain). she still sleeps through the night, so i'm ok with that. 

i had forgotten how much i love the baby stage. i'm so going to miss it! nora is a complete joy! we love you baby girl!

Friday, March 16, 2012

life through instagram {#2}

my sweet girl has to hold something when she sleeps. 
look at that tight grip...

little man is a great eater! we've been blessed that he pretty much likes anything i put in front of him, or at least he tries it. breakfast: eggs with cheese and spinach, toast with jam, and fruit salad.

this past weekend, one of the islands where i live had their semi-annual island wide garage sale. my mom, sister, and i go every year...twice a year...we get coffee and donuts and head out for about 6 hours of treasure hunting. this is me and my sis goofing off.

jude playing in one of my finds from the sale...a radio flyer toddler push wagon. msrp $ cost $5.00! woohoo! i got some great deals this time!
the one downside of all my garage sale and consignment shopping...2t doesn't always mean 2t!
these $3.00 pj's are his size, but not! the shirt is wayyy to small!

i just love this girls smile! look how her whole face smiles!

we've been making tents in jude's room after we moved him to the toddler bed! oh my, i didn't tell you we moved him to the toddler bed! it's been a long 2 weeks, but he's doing well. i put a sheet over the bed and tie it to a chair in his room. i'm thinking about making one of those adorable tents i've seen on pinterest for him...we'll see. by the way...i love black and whites!

jude has the lights that make stars and the moon on his ceiling. we put it in the tent.

i was amazed that my two year old caught a grasshopper and ladybug all on his own! he was so excited!

the grasshopper is to the left. he picked our weeds and put them in there for the ladybug. i was so afraid he was going to smash them and then i was going to have to teach him about death! thankfully he was careful. we waited till daddy got home, so he could show him what he found. then, i told him we needed to let them go to go be with their families. he was ok with that and took them out and threw them in the grass...yes, he threw much for being careful.

last night i went to a going away party for a sweet friend of mine that i've known since college. she's moving all the way across the country to washington! the party was at a place called fear no easel...cute huh! well, it was so fun! we painted a picture of the cooper river bridge. the fun thing is, anyone can doesn't mean it looks great, but anyone can do it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

life through instagram

 this was my week in photos according to my phone, lets call her lola. 
(do you name things? i only have a few things my car...he's a subaru outback named dax...we also have a wooden giraffe in the living room named stanley...just wondering)

little girl has to be holding something and it touching her face to fall asleep. don't worry mom's, i remove it so she won't suffocate! it's really cute to see her hold it.

look at those eyes and cheeks!

little man has been sick this week, but that's no reason not to eat "brocki."

my house during the day...

toys strung about, blankets and pillows everywhere.
yes, that's a diaper box in the's now a slide for cars.

i got spring fever and pulled things out of everywhere! i've made a huge mess!

daddy's been working a ton, mommy's been cleaning and the kitchen was a to chick-fil-a we go...look at how pretty these poppies are on my way to the drive thru.

i'm a weirdo...what can i say. i bought jude a vintage fisher price little people town. this little guy came with it...we call him jimbo after my dad.

my little man has been sick all week, so we've been finding things to do in the house. like coloring. have you ever seen these stamps for little hands. they are shaped like animals

he likes them more than crayons.

this is me trying to be cool in my $5 forever 21 aviators.

like i said, we're weirdos. we were on the way to an amazing missions conference that our church puts on every year.
missionaries from all over come and share about what they are doing in their corners of the world. this year's key note speaker was awesome. it brings tears to my eyes to hear what the Lord is doing all over the world and right here at's also super challenging. it makes you think about what you are doing in the place where you are right now...whether that be a job, at home, at school...what are you doing to help others? are you living a life that points others to Christ? when people see you, do they see that you are different? that something is different, and that that something is someone named Jesus?