Friday, February 24, 2012

little moments remembered

there are moments when i'm in the trenches of motherhood that i feel like i'm's mostly when i'm in the midst of tears and tantrums, toys thrown about, endless poopy diapers (seriously, how many dirties can one kid have in a day...mine sometimes has like 4!), mounds of laundry, and stacks of dirty dishes. sometimes, i feel like i need to escape...just for a moment...just for a second of quiet...a second of rest. 

then, there are moments that i never want to forget...i want to tuck them away and hold on to them forever. moments for when jude and nora no longer want to hold my hand or call me mommy, 
or make tents with blankets and chairs, or dance silly dances all over the living room,
i can go into the boxed up memories and pull them out and remember what was.

this week was full of those moments.

for jude's birthday, his grandparents gave him a light that shines the moon and stars onto the walls and ceiling of his room. on wednesday, we stayed up way past bedtime and laid underneath them, jude tucked under my arm, counting stars.

yesterday, the weather was unbelievably warm...i'm talking like 80. so, we adventured outside. jude loves picking "flowers." 

we played outside for a long time...picking flowers, kicking the ball, pushing the bubble lawn mower, and drawing pictures for mommy.

jude rode his tricycle for the first time without my help.

even clara (or eara as jude calls her) relaxed with us outside.

in our neighborhood, friday's are trash days...every friday we go to the door when we hear the 'big truck' (gig ruck) and watch it pick up the, we sat outside and waited...just mommy and jude on the front porch...
fidgety little hands, antsy toddler feet...just waiting.

and watching...

even if we are just waving bye-bye to the trash truck, it's those little moments that remind me why i love being a mommy...

and why, no matter how many times i think i want to escape, it's these moments i want to run to.

it's these God-given moments that remind me what a blessing and bittersweet joy it is to be called mommy. 
i thank Him for these moments.

these moments i never want to forget.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

four months {nora}

sweet baby girl is four months old now. i must admit i'm smitten. she's the sweetest baby. still sleeping through the night. yay! drooling like a mad woman now. i love gummy, droolie smiles, and she loves giving them. i love how her whole face lights up when she smiles. feeding her a bottle can be tough because she likes looking up, smiling and laughing. she has the cutest giggle. she wakes up happy every day...i'm not exaggerating...i wouldn't know she was awake if it weren't for her ahhing and squealing. sometimes, i like to lay and listen to her for a few minutes before getting her up. her little baby noises make me happy to start my day. she's such a girl...when i change her clothes, she giggles and smiles. every day i see a little bit more of her personality forming. i'm excited to see the woman she will become and pray she will be a woman of purity, integrity, honesty, and so much more, but for now, i'm just loving being the mommy of this beautiful girl!

Monday, February 6, 2012

nora's room {featured}

i was really excited to get any email today that said nora's room was featured on if you've never visited the website, you should! it's got a ton of information and pictures that can inspire your next project!
i spent many hours searching for ideas and the products to make her room a cozy escape (and my sweetie husband spent many hours spray painting to fix my mistakes).
i hope it helps mom's (and dad's) come up with amazing, special rooms for their little loves.
check it out: