Monday, December 17, 2012

the time i went to new york

back in november, i took a 3 day trip to new york city. my husband and his business partner (who just happens to be one of our very best friends) were going for work, and his wife and i went with them for fun. it was my first time in new york. my first time away from my kids. my first time leaving my kids with anyone overnight. a trip of firsts.
i was nervous and sad leaving them, but it's good for your marriage to have some time without the kiddos.
we just happened to fly in on the day that it snowed...which was amazingly beautiful and freezing.

time square with my sweetie. yes, my eyes are cold. i couldn't keep them open with the wind.

we southern girls aren't used to the snow.

the view from our hotel room. we stayed at the palace, which was amazing.

on thursday, i ate with this sweet friend. we used to work together at my church. she's a dear and i miss her and was so happy to spend some time with her. she's become all new yorkie with her nose ring and tattoos...i'm thinking i want to steal this tattoo idea. she works with an awesome church plant in the city.

 doesn't everyone take a picture with the toy soldier man at fao schwartz.

friday morning, this was view for breakfast. isn't he handsome.

beth and i took our first taxi without our husbands. it was quite an adventure. i'm pretty sure we were scared for our lives in the taxis pretty much the whole time we were there. 

 we split up for some lovie time. 
central park with my love.

walking past these little bridges with the little alleyway underneath reminded me of every new york city based cop/lawyer movie/show i'd ever seen. 

we ended up with free passes to the guggenheim. i was ecstatic. i'm an art lover. so, i couldn't wait to feast my eyes on the centuries old masterpieces.
also, we were excited because we love movies, and the international with clive owen has an awesome scene in the guggenheim, and we wanted to see it in person. we're weird, i know.

even the architecture of the building is a work of art.

my first broadway show was if you haven't seen wicked, you should. it was excellent.

we also had free passes to the empire state building and decided to go at midnight. why not live it up? who am i kidding, we were exhausted. we felt so old being up this late.

if you ever go, go this late. there were no lines and hardly any people up there. the view is spectacular. 

it's really breathtaking.
the freedom tower.

 we left saturday mid-morning for the airport, and then waited for our delayed flight.

i decided i have a love/strongly dis-like relationship with the renowned city. it's really amazing. but, i was so overwhelmed by all the people and how fast and loud things are there.
i couldn't believe how quiet my target parking lot was after we got back.
i can't wait to go back. :)

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  1. it looks like you had a fabulous trip! i love your photos!


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