Thursday, December 6, 2012

nora//one year birthday party

little miss turned one in october, so this post is really late. but, i had to share some pictures from her birthday party. i decided not to pick a 'theme' to make it easier and 'more affordable,' i.e. 'cheaper,' for us to gather decorations. i just picked a color palette and ran with it. since her room is a mixture of colors, and i still had scrapbook paper left from making decor from her room, i used the same colors.
i also found coordinating scrapbook die-cuts on sale at target months before her birthday. they were perfect! 

my cutie pie in her handmade party hat.

i made her invite on the computer...unfortunately, we only have a black and white printer...hence the cut out scraps for the bunting.

welcome sign on our front door.

please excuse this terrible picture. inbetween the words, i used the die-cuts...they were birds and flowers.

clothes pins, wooden rectangles spray painted with chalkboard paint, and magnets equal a cheap party favor.

i found these adorable aqua cloud cupcake liners at tj maxx.
i used my favorite egg-free chocolate cake recipe and this super delicious strawberry frosting recipe to top them off.

we had cupcakes and little miss had her own cake. the bunting was made out of chop-sticks and scrapbook paper.

she was so excited about her cake.  
i also can't believe she kept her hat on!

happy birthday, sweet girl!

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