Friday, October 12, 2012

{nora} one year

today, you are one. 
this year has come and gone. 
sometimes, i wish i could go back to the day our eyes first met and keep you little forever. how selfish of me to feel that way. 
i've loved watching you discover this world.
i wish i could describe the love i felt the first time i held you in my arms, but my words fail me. 
you will know someday, lord willing, 
when you hold your little one after waiting 9 months to meet.
you are sweet and dainty. 
i can already see you are passionate...showing us your temper every once in a while.
you are beautiful. 
i've loved getting to know you this year.
i'm so thankful God chose you to be my daughter.
you are a joy and a treasure to our family.

we love you, baby girl.

special thanks to carissa g. photography for taking these amazing pictures of our little love for her first birthday.
hair clip: scramshkels
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  1. Sweet precious baby girl, Happy Birthday!

  2. i love this. and feel such a connection to your words. my guy is nearly 10 months old and as many times as it's been said - i can't believe how quickly it goes. happy birthday to you and your girl!

  3. Thank you for sharing your heart & your blessing with us. Enjoyed the photos too. Especially like the one with her walking in Jude's footsteps.


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