Tuesday, October 2, 2012

eleven months {nora}

this update is way late. it's now october, and you will be one year in ten days.
i can't believe it. i've blinked and your almost a year!

this month brought a big new thing...you are walking! 
you love your new found freedom.
you love playing chase with your brother.
you just want to go and get there fast. 
you say mama and dada.
you love giving big slobbery kisses, and we love getting them.
your big brother is your favorite person...i want you to remember that.
you perk up at the sound of his voice over the baby monitors.
you get so excited when you he enters the room.
he makes you laugh and cry.
sometimes, he's the only one you'll give kisses to.
you still only have 2 teeth.
you wave bye-bye and try to say it.
strawberries and bananas are some of your favorite fruits.
you love macaroni and cheese and broccoli and spinach.
you are such a sweet girl.
everyday you are more and more of a joy to watch and love.
we love you!
(please excuse the poor quality photo. 
it was taken on my phone and little miss doesn't like to sit still)


  1. She's adorable in every way! Love the light hair! Hope all is well. Love you!

  2. She does move fast. She is precious. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Purple is her color! Happy almost-birthday sweet baby Nora!


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