Wednesday, September 26, 2012

mug swap

i've never participated in a swap among bloggers until i saw a mug swap over at acuppakim.
some blogger ladies that i read participate, so i had to get in on the hoopla, too. what better way to make new blogger friends and get super fun mail in the process.

the lovely that sent me some goodies was jenna. 
she's super cool and has an amazing etsy site.
i should know, because she sent me a set of her beautiful thank you cards. 
you definitely need to check it out. 
i loved everything. the sweetness even sent me cookie mix because she knows how much i like cookies. wish we could share them in real life.

oh, you know...just enjoying some tea in my new mug.

the lovely that i had the privilege of shopping for was nikki. she's pretty darn awesome, too. 
i love this owl mug. i guess owls are in because they were everywhere when i went on the hunt for the perfect mug. 

decorating the package was part of the fun.

thanks cuppakim for hosting. 
i will definitely be participating next year. 
i can't wait.


  1. I think I'm like addicted to swapping now!!

    Check out

    Swaps all the time!

  2. adorable! jenna is fabulous - and her cards are SO beautiful. :)
    loving your swap goodies.

    and i agree, owls were TOTALLY popular in the swap weren't they! great choice for nikki :)

    SO FUN. thanks again for being a part of it :)

  3. I've got to get in on this next year! I love both the mug you got and the one you bought! I love owls and never new they were so popular until I started blogging. Maybe its a bloggy thang ;) Anywho, those are great selections and I'll be sure to go check out Jenna's etsy site. Love me some fellow etsy girls!


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