Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{nora} nine months

oh sweet girl. 
nine months has come and almost gone. 
mommy is a little late with this post. 
you are still quite the crawler. i have to say i'm thankful you aren't walking yet. 
you have taken a step here and there, but nothing is sticking.
you have stood up all by yourself in the middle of the room, however.
quite the accomplishment.

 you really are such a happy baby, and often people ask me if you are ever not smiling...
well, yes, you do cry, and here's proof
and right now you cry quite often, mostly for mommy.
if i leave a room, and you see it, you start bawling. 
you are also a screamer, mommy will be glad if that phase ends soon because your brother likes to copy you. 

your daddy and i love how when you are really happy and smiling, your eyes close. it's truly adorable.
you love finger foods, especially cheese and cheerios...and sometimes together.
you have your 2 front bottom teeth, and i can feel a top tooth coming soon.

oh baby girl, please stay my little baby a little while longer.
you are such a joy.
a wonderful blessing from the Father above,
and mommy loves you so.


  1. So sweet! Just looking at the one of her crying makes you want to reach for her, I'm sure it makes your mama heart melt. My E is a screamer too. We often call him "screech owl". Not sure that phase is ending any time soon for us :)

    Happy 9 Months Nora!

  2. Really do love her crinkley eyed smile. The days are flying by.


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