Friday, July 6, 2012

life through instagram {#12}

it's been a little while. i've been tired, and our modem was broken, so we didn't have internet for about a week. but, here i am again on another friday...filling you in through instagram. are you bored with me and my instapics yet? i have some things i'd like to share, and when i get the time and energy, i will. hopefully next week you'll see something other than my weekly instagrams...until then, here they favorite friday instas.

1. my cuties. jude was pushing nora in a radio flyer wagon 
(a $5 garage sale find, i might add). 
2. love this chunk
3. church steeple. you'll find them everywhere downtown...we aren't called the holy city for nothing.
4. little boy feet crossed eating some fro-yo
5. we went shopping for bikes. i've been wanting one for like 5 years, and we finally committed. we bought cyclocross bikes. i'm super stoked.
6. i painted my toe nails an actual color for the first time in eons. my mom saw my toes and was shocked and told me i've finally become an adult. i think i will never want unpainted toes again!
7. first teether cookie. loved it.
8. i can't wash dishes. i'm terrible at it. i always end up soaked. 
that's why i love my dishwasher.
9. don't you love sleeping babies...especially when they are in your arms.
 i'm going to miss this.

10. this chick l.o.v.e.s. the water.
11. this boy l.o.v.e.s. some cherries.
12. pool time.
13. pool time with my sis.
14. cardboard boxes are awesome.

15. happy 4th of july sparklers.
16. someone was up way past her bedtime on independence day, 
and couldn't make it to the fireworks.
17. my two favorite guys on the 4th. 

happy friday to y'all! 
hope your weekend is fabulous!


  1. What beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!

  2. Adorable, creative, poignant & heart warming. Love the kids-in-the-box. Caleb did his share of box play as a tyke


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