Wednesday, June 13, 2012

{nora} eight months

 sweet little miss, you are eight months.
you can crawl, pull yourself up holding on to something, 
and take steps when i hold your hands.
can you please slow down?
mommy isn't ready for you to grow up.

you are trying to stand up from a crawl, 
but i would prefer you wait to walk till you are a little older.
because of all of these new found goings, you don't like to sit still. 
i couldn't even get you to sit for an eighth month picture. 
nap time has become so hard for you. you don't like to lay still in your crib. i lay you down, you roll right over and get up. you like to stand a peak over the sides. the only way you have been taking afternoon naps is if i lay with you in your crib till you fall asleep. it's only for your afternoon nap, however. you are still a great night sleeper, and morning napper.

your first tooth has made it's appearance 
and it's neighbor is getting ready to pop up soon, too.
mommy will miss that gummy smile.

you are such a happy baby. you love to laugh and smile, and we love to see it. 
you are gorgeous, baby girl.
we love you.


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