Monday, June 11, 2012

miscellany monday

happy monday to y'all!

i love it when moments like these are caught. glad my sweetie was on hand with his phone. thank the Lord for technology.

jude's summer shoes are usually crocs, but he has a hard time running in them.  they are great for the beach and pool, though. so, when i found these converse at marshall's home goods for a super great deal, i snatched them up (i also got them in the next size could i not, they are adorable). converse look so cute on little feet, and look even more adorable pedaling a radio flyer trike.

saturday i went to a bridal shower and had to take little miss with me. i don't normally like to take my children to showers, but there was a cookout for the guys whose wives were at the shower. all of our sitters were unavailable (we have only had family sit for us). so, the hubs took little man, and i took little miss. of course she had to look cute to go to the shower.

i almost couldn't handle all of this cuteness, though. it's funny...when i was pregnant and found out i was having a girl all i could think of was how i am not girlie, how i didn't like pink or all the frilly girl's clothes, and now, i certainly don't mind pink, i love the cute headbands, and (some) of the frilly clothes (i'm still super picky about what she can wear). but, my heart has certainly changed because of this beauty. how could it not?

i complain about not being in shape, but then when sweets are around, i cave and can't help myself. yesterday, my mom had a birthday dinner for me at her house (i turned 30 in may, but was in florida on vay-ca with the family). she asked me about a cake, but lately i haven't wanted any cake, and i've been addicted to cookies. so, she whipped up these double doozie cookies. 2 cookies with icing in between...delish, and after 2...yep, i said 2, of the these babies, i felt sick and ashamed of myself...only to take 3 more home with me for the week. i will have to work out extra hard, but they were worth it.

this is my mama. thanks, mom!

a dear friend of ours started a blog this week. it's a travel blog.
he's colombian, and has been all over the world...seriously, i don't know anyone else who's traveled as much as him. we met him in college. my sweetie actually went to colombia with him before we got married. all of that to say, go on over and check it out. he's funny, and he'll be telling stories about his travel experiences with a lot of pretty pictures.


  1. Oh my goodness! Baby girl could not be cuter with those sunglasses and that adorable headband!

  2. Hello! Your blog is so intersting! What do you say about following each other on GFC? and facebook like?:X

  3. Nora in those sunglasses is irresistible!

    I hear you on the sweets. The key for me is to not even let them in the door of my house 'cause if they get in, I'm gonna go after them!


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