Friday, June 8, 2012

instagrammed friday favorites.

i'm completely obsessed with this place. not only do i love their food, but they have the thickest cookies i've ever seen in my life. my fave is a toffee chocolate chip. i make sure to order off the 450 calories or less menu so i can eat a whole cookie.

have you ever read any paul david tripp? if not, you must. go now and pick any book. they're all great!
oh, and did you know i'm now my own personal barista?
this is the one i make at least once a day right now: cold brew decaf coffee with almond milk, a splash of vanilla torani syrup, redi-whip and a dash of cinnamon. yum.

love this quote from the book above. confess your righteousness. we aren't righteous, and when we think we are, there's a serious heart issue. seek Jesus, confess it.

seriously love some bridge pictures.

this girl is moving way too fast. she likes to wave now.

my boy really likes fruit. any fruit.

buildings, trains, and dinosaurs. i'm almost positive this is historically accurate.

standing in her crib. 
she has now become a not so good napper. she just wants to stand and play.

it was this pretty's daughter's birthday (that's a mouthful).
we of course had to pose with balloons for a pick.

summer wouldn't be complete without pink daisies in a blue mason jar.

again with the standing. playing with big bro.


  1. Awesome pictures! And what a great quote - definitely going to add that book to my list to read soon.

  2. Your little ones are adorable. I really love the one of our girl waving...her face is so sweet!

  3. love your glasses! let's get together soon and you can be my barista :D

  4. That iced coffee looks amazing! Go on with your bad barista-self! Loving the new blog look by the way :)


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