Friday, June 1, 2012

instagram friday

this week has felt long. 
it's been a little hard getting the babies back on schedule after our long vacation. 
despite our weird schedule, we've had a great week.
here's our recap with instagram.
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even though jude gets upset if she even looks at one of his toys, he loves this little girl...and i'm pretty sure she's quite smitten as well.

oh, just a pretty butterfly that caught my eye on a walk around the neighborhood.

aren't these earrings pretty?!? isn't the packaging super cute?!?
you should order some too. they're from this lovely's shop:  happy days.
they made my day very happy!

ready for our beach trip. he's just growing up way too fast, 
and he loves orange. can you tell?

little miss ready for her close-up. 

oh, you know, this is always how i look at the beach. 
(not really)

there was a wading pool where we were, and it was filled with starfish. we had to watch where we walked there were so many. it was pretty amazing. 
little man was pretty excited to see them.

love to admire God's handiwork. 

wait, am i in europe?
my view at the beach. it's been a long time since i've seen someone in a speedo. i could definitely go another eternity without seeing someone else in one.

excuse me...why is my little baby girl standing! i'm so not ready for this! however, she's so cute with that little tongue sticking out.

dirty toes on little feet. i love these little feet. i'm not ready for them to be big and stinky.

my mom and nora.

we had this big fella pay us a visit on wednesday. i still have no idea what he is. he was about 2 inches long and had orange wings. i tried googling what he (i'm assuming he's male just because) could be, and all i came up with was a tarantula hawk (a kind of wasp)...if that's what he is...he's bad news...if you have any ideas, let me know.

oh my boy. 
he just climbed right up and laid with mommy. 
love these unplanned moments.

we had an up and down weather week, so we played inside a lot. 
not sure why, but i love seeing him play with vintage toys. 

i really could eat her up. 
she's crawling now, and this is what i see when i look down by my feet.
yep, i said dang cute!


  1. Love those starfish, what a cool experience! Wishing I lived near the beach :) Nora's face int he last picture is so adorable, dang cute indeed!

    Have a lovely weekend Julie dear ;)

  2. linked up for the first time today at instafriday, and loved the idea of commenting on others! LOVE the butterfly picture. seriously, it's amazing some of the things we can catch on our little phone camera. and the beach! we are going to the beach tomorrow, so this post has me all sorts of excited for it!!

  3. darling kiddos. love the butterfly!
    that's something i am not missing about the beach, certain views ;)

    hooray for your cuteness, glad you like the earrings! xoxo


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