Friday, June 15, 2012

instafriday favorites

this week has been super busy. we've been at vacation bible school. i volunteered for crafts this year. y'all the vbs at my church is crazy. we have to cap the morning at 500 kids, and have a night vbs. it's so great to see the kids and to hear them talk about Jesus. would you believe i haven't taken any pictures of it? shame on me. today is the last day. i must admit, i'm a little glad because i'm not used to going everyday like this. however, we have a 2nd campus for our church, and that vbs is next week, but it won't be near as big.
anyways...on to my instagrammed pictures. i only have 3 this week. i can't believe i haven't taken more pictures!

little miss got her first tooth! i tried so hard to capture that white speck, but she's a tough one to get to open her mouth. 

this little guy never complains when he has an ailment. the last time he had an ear infection, we didn't know until his ear drums ruptured (both of them) because he never said his ears hurt. well, wednesday and thursday mornings, he woke up and said his ears hurt. so, we went to the doctor. good news is, no ear infection. bad news...well, i guess it's good and bad news...2nd year molars are coming up. i've heard they're painful...i guess they must be somewhat painful if this tough little man complains.

my mema and papa (my grandparents) moved back here from florida to be around the kids and grandkids and great grands.
my mema had this amazing vintage metal milk jug that she no longer, her trash became my treasure. i love it! what do you think?


  1. It is hard to get that tiny first tooth, but good job on capturing it! And that milk jug brings back memories, as we used to have one (plain grey) that sat on our front porch when I was growing up.

  2. I wondered where you'd gotten the interesting milk jug.
    You did a good job catching smiley girl with it showing.
    So glad Jude didn't have ear infections! But sorry the molars are so hard on Jim. Love the photo of the 2 of you.

  3. 500 kids? And you had to have two sessions? Oh my gosh! I live in such a small town. Our VBS is next month and it will be big if we get 30 kids - total. I find VBS week hard with the constant on the go as well. Your little ones are adorable. Great photos. LOVE the milk jug. LOVE IT! (Stopping by from Insta-Friday)


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