Tuesday, May 29, 2012

{nora} seven months

my beauty of a baby turned seven months this may.
you sit up on your own, and get up on all fours like a pro and scoots. you aren't fully crawling yet, but i know it's coming. 

i think some teeth are going to pop up soon, because you cry a little more than what's usual for you...which isn't often. i'll be sad to see that gummy smile go. most of the time, though, i see you with your tongue sticking out.

you have been waking up a little at night with a wimper cry, but in goes your paci, and you are out again...another reason i think your teeth are coming. you are still an early riser (and by early i mean between 6:30 and 7). that's early for us when we were used to your brother getting up between 8 and 9. 

we love you so much, nora.
 i know daddy is smitten and you have him wrapped. 
even your big brother jude comes to your aid when you cry. 
he loves you, and i can tell that you adore him already.
you are enchanting, my dear, and truly a joy.


  1. oh.my.god. she is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. seriously just made me smile looking at her adorable face :) i love the name nora, too!

    please stop on by:

  2. she is PRECIOUS!!!!!!! and you're quite the photographer, too! :)


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