Monday, May 28, 2012

{miscellany monday} on memorial day

1.} the beach is one of my favorite places. i could spend all day, every day there. it's a peaceful place to me. the sound of the waves is soothing to my soul.
i was super nervous about the beach this year with two kiddos. jude is all over the place and i wasn't sure if i wanted to take both of them by myself, but the thought of only going on the weekends when daddy was home wasn't appealing when we have 5 days of the week to fill.
so, i ventured out on my own...both kids in tow to the beach.

this little man loves the beach and was so excited to go.

nora was a huge fan, too. her first time at the beach was a success.

he's a boy after his mama's heart. he could spend all day here too.

these two melt my heart. i think it's sweet how he plays next to her.

2.} we had such a great time at the beach that day, that we decided to take daddy with us the very next day. jude loves his daddy.

3.} i wasn't ready for this. i thought i'd have her to myself a little longer before she became a little more independent. why did i think that when her brother started crawling at 7 months too? wishful thinking.
she's up on all fours sloppily scooting around underneath my feet.

4.} this is my go to recipe for taco seasoning. just thought i should share.

5.} i don't get dressed up very often. my everyday attire usually consists of workout shorts or pants and a tshirt. so, when i get dressed up, and by dressed up i mean make-up and wearing anything that resembles looking like i shouldn't be on what not wear, i feel like i should document it.

why did i get dressed up? my sweetie and i went on a much needed date. after our vacation visiting my family and then him coming back to work immediately, we needed some we time.

we actually went on a double date with two of our dearest. 
isn't she fab.

our men. 
we tease them and say they have a bromance. (when did bromance become a real word)
they spend everyday together (they started a technology company last year together).

we went to see marvel's the avengers.
it's great. if you haven't seen it, it's a definite must for the theater.
i'm a huge nerd and was so excited to see this. i'm a fan of joss whedon, who wrote and directed it, so i couldn't wait. like i said...huge nerd...i like comic books...there, i said it.

6.} thank you to my grandfather, my papa, and my dad. thank you for your service in this country's military. i'm thankful i still have you. thank you to all who serve and have served this country to keep my kiddo's safe and free. happy memorial day.


  1. I love your shirt & hair! I too tend to stay in workout clothes way too often. :) Looks likke you had a lot of fun at the're so lucky you can go anytime you want! I'm from CA & I used to live close to the I live in KY, where there is no beach. :)

  2. Your kids are so cute! Ahhh, the beach. I love it, too. How was The Avengers? I've been wanting to see it but haven't managed to yet!

    1. it was great! i would definitely see it in the theaters!

  3. Ok, your babes are crazy cute. SO grown up! Thank you for posting taco seasoning recipe...need to bookmark that for sure! I have sworn off store bought.

  4. You look so pretty Julie! I love your hair all curled like that :) Hooray for dates with the Hubs, wow are they needed. Your babies at the beach are just too cute, the pics of them are really great. I think the last one of Jude and Nora playing together is my favorite, great perspective :) Glad you had a good weekend !


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