Friday, May 4, 2012

friday favorites instagram style

another week has zoomed by. my children are growing like weeds in the summertime, and i can't get enough of taking pictures of them. so here we are again for instafriday. do you use instagram? i'd love to see your pictures if you do. leave me a comment with your name, so i can take a look. 
my name is julieyaryan if you'd like to follow me.

this was taken while we drove over the cooper river bridge. (i wasn't driving).
i love bridge pictures. not sure why, but i do...could be the clean lines.

love this boy.

my sis and little miss. i had a girls day (with jude) with my mom, mema, and sis. we went shopping, of course, and then to lunch at where else, mosaic.

this couple was sitting at the table next to us. i wonder what's their story.

my grandparents, mema and papa. we had a garage sale last saturday, and they went for a little walk down to another garage sale down the street...holding hands the whole way. they've been married 40 years. i pray this is me and caleb 33 years from now.
this boy is all boy and loves bugs. we found an io moth that i think was injured because it couldn't leave the ground when it tried to fly away. jude was so excited to hold it.
just another picture of my pretty girl. 

another bridge.
i mean, seriously. look at those chocolate drops!
i started jillian michael's 30 day shred. it whoops my booty. it's tough and i'm only on the first week...and it's only for 20 minutes a day!

my nephew, austin, had a baseball game last night. this is him batting. 
i can't believe how into these 9 and 10 year old games the parents get. they are yelling and cheering and getting upset at the high school aged umpire. crazy.

last year someone caleb worked with gave us this powerwheels jeep. jude was way too young for it, and still is a little young for it, but he drives like a pro. it's so weird and funny to see him shift from drive to reverse. he's actually really good at it. he took hunter for a drive in the backyard.

have you ever seen a child look so much like their father as mine?
he's seriously a mini-me. 
l.o.v.e these two.

my little miss found her foot a while ago and i've yet to document until now.
she loves her toes.
l.o.v.e this girl.


  1. you and caleb both have mini me's. i have none... kelly has two. ha!

    love that pic of your grandparents. total sweetness.

    um, next time you're at mosaic, bring me back a cookie. i'll pay ya. : )

  2. I need Jillian to come over and kick my butt!

  3. your family is so precious.
    and that shred puts a hurtin' on you, right?
    i want to get mad at jillian...but i just love her :)

    and you. xo

  4. I love bridge pictures to, there's just something about them that gets me!!!


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