Friday, May 25, 2012

family vacation {with instagram}

i've been a little mia from the blog because we took our first trip together as a family of four. we left last thursday and came back home wednesday. we drove ten hours to visit my dad and grandparents in sunny florida. are we crazy? maybe...probably.
the road trip actually went really well. the kids were amazing...we were thankful for the ipad...don't judge.

the start of our trip. dad doesn't look to happy, but i promise he was. he was telling me i was holding the phone to high.

the south. the lowcountry. beautiful isn't it!

when we were driving in florida, we passed some sky divers. they might be crazy.

my kid's great grandma. this was the first time she's met my babies. she loved every second. isn't she pretty?

my kid's great granddad. he had just had eye surgery earlier that week for cataracts, so he could actually see the kids well. so thankful for modern medicine!

meet nicole. she's my childhood best friend. i've known her since 2nd grade. i haven't seen her in about 16 years or was so great to have our families meet and just spend time together.
love her.

 our sons. both named jude.

 our families.

i met a great milestone while in florida...
i turned 30.
this was taken on that momentous day.

happy birthday to me. 
my granddad makes the best homemade pecan pie...and he did while we were there for my birthday.
thanks granddad!

just some kite boarders.

jude got to spend some quality time with his daddy on this trip. 
he ate up every minute of it. he loves his daddy...i love him too.

me and my grandparents. do i look like them? i'm not sure who i look like in my family.

a picture i'll cherish forever. 

and this one too.
the kiddos and my dad.

when did he become such a little man? look at those long legs. i feel like he's already a teenager! stop getting older, please.

my daddy and me.

on the road again. back home we go.

jude eating bah-bees (arby's) like a big boy.

my dad saved this horse head on a stick from my childhood. jude loves it.

i found this little treasure at the salvation army while we were at my dad's for a whopping $.50! i was so excited! it's called 3 in 1 (a picture of God) by joanne marxhausen. i've never seen a book that explained the trinity and faith in such an elementary way that a child (or adult) can understand it so easily. the more i look at the book, the more i get excited about sharing it with jude and nora. it takes an apple and it's three parts and compares it to God and His three persons. the seed of an apple like faith. and it talks about how in order to believe in Jesus, you must have faith that comes from the Holy Spirit. 
you can find it on amazon for $10. i know that's not $.50, but it's a must read for your littles.

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  1. Hi Julie...happy birthday. Loved the instapics from your trips. You asked about my hair on instagram couldn't respond for some reason. I just did two braids...close to the front because I couldn't reach farther back. Then I combined the two with a pony. Kept me cool. Have a great weekend.


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