Friday, May 11, 2012

another {instagram} friday

another week has passed, and i feel like it crept by...which is unusual around here with these two children of mine that are growing like weeds on scott's lawn fertilizer. 
here it is friday again, so you know what that means.
pictures of my week instagram style.
i really enjoy using instagram. i think i use it more than any other app and social network. 
if you'd like to follow me, you can find me here or my username is julieyaryan.

i love old books. i saved a lot of books from my childhood to pass on to my children, so i guess now they are vintage...yep i'm getting old. i will be 30 this month! i found out about a hole is to dig by ruth krauss from this awesome girl. i decided my kiddos should have it and thanks to amazon it arrived in two days. i also ordered these amazing books with it. i love the illustrations and the way it's written.
this is the way to the moon by miroslav sasek
this is new york by miroslav sasek
a hole is to dig by ruth krauss

i do a lot of laundry.
target is where i shop.
target no longer carries my favorite downy scent.
amazon sells it in bulk.
i won't be needing to buy any for a long, long while.

jude likes to 'match' things right now...letter cookies, colors, shapes...why not let him help me put his socks away by matching them. he was so excited to match mcqueen to mcqueen, mac to mac, guido to guido...he's obsessed with cars if you can't tell.

banana chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast? 
yes, please.

i wish you could hear the snoring that went along with this picture.
poor thing can't shake this cold or allergy or whatever it is, and so he snores...very loudly.

her hair is coming in and standing up.
love her to pieces.
i selfishly never want her to grow up. 

this boy loves my phone.
not sure when he took this of himself, but it's a cute one.
love him.

this girl is going to crawl soon, i know it.
in the mean time, she body surfs on the floor, flailing her arms and legs about.

i was contemplating getting my hair cut short...well, a lot shorter than it is because little miss likes to grab and not let go. however, i couldn't do it.

so, i opted for a trim and color like always. same old, same old.
going to the salon is a treat. i go every 2-3 months to get a cut, and only recently started letting a professional dye it again...after it took 5 boxes of hair dye to let my mom do it...five almost cost as much as a salon.
this mommy-time was much needed.

have i mentioned before that i love sleeping babies...especially this one snuggling with her jellycat.


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  1. loooove the free falling baby trick! so stinking cute! thanks for linking up!


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