Friday, April 20, 2012

{nora} six months

i can't believe it's been half a year already. you are six months old. 
you are growing so fast. i'm afraid to blink because i might miss something! 

you are sitting up on your own for a little while until you tumble over. you love to jump with your strong legs. you will soon be pulling up on your own, you have already tried, but wasn't quite able to yet. you rolled over for us, and daddy got it on video the second time you did! your favoite thing to chew right now is your foot, which makes changing you a little more difficult, but you still laugh and smile the whole time. the day before you turned six months you started opening your mouth when i showed you your food...which made my feeding you a lot easier! you have loved every veggie and fruit you've tried, even peas! you are trying a sippy cup with some'll get it, eventually...for now, you like to chew on the spout.

your face lights up when you see your brother. he loves you, too. he says, "hi, na" and "jude hold na." he loves to hold you (with mommy right beside y'all on the couch) and 'fall' over. you laugh in delight.
your smile is infectious. anyone who sees your beautiful, toothless grin melts.
mommy melts and wishes she could keep you this way forever...
always wanting mommy, pressing your forehead to mine to show your love.

your hair is starting to come in more. it's so cute how it stands up on your head. it's a light brownish color right now. your eyes are a grayish-blue with a little bit of brown. daddy and i wonder when they will stop changing color. 

you like to go to sleep on your own, without mommy's help of rocking. i want to rock you, but you won't have it. i can only sing a song or two before you want to lay down and stretch out. you like to bury your face in the crib or in your lovies. you have to have something touching your face and your stuffed cat and or monkey to hold. and you love the paci.

you are an easy baby. you have really learned to go with the flow of our crazy family.
you have been a real joy to mother. you are a sweet gift from the Lord, and i'm truly blessed to call you my daughter.
i love you, noragirl.


  1. julie, she is so cute and smiley!

  2. She is so beautiful, and that smile is unforgettable! What a sweet sweet little girl you have Julie.

  3. What a cutie! Such a sweet smile.


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