Monday, April 30, 2012

a {little man} baby shower

one of my oldest and dearest is having a baby, so what else do we do, but shower her with love and presents. it's actually her 3rd boy, (they're naming him that name) but all of their baby stuff is long gone.
meet rachel. i've known this lovely lady since junior year of high school. we were instant besties. people thought we were twins...interestingly enough, we don't look alike aside from our brown hair. 
i don't think i would've survived high school without her!
love ya, rach!

on to the festivities...

the invites. i made these myself. 
the mustache clipart i purchased off etsy (if you've never seen etsy, you're missing out...super cute handmade/vintage items).

my sweet, wedding planner sister helped me out by making these delish chocolate cupcakes and letting me use her serving dishes. 
we used mustache die-cuts to make toppers. 
i purchased all of the mustache die-cuts off of etsy, as well.

a yarn-wrapped letter 'e' had to make an appearance, with a stach', of course. you know how i'm loving these easy diy decorations. orange ranunculus in a blue mason jar for table color. 
and lots of chalkboards!
the chalkboard frame was a diy as well. an empty wood frame painted with chalkboard paint. the background behind the stach' is simple scrapbook paper.

the shower was at 3 in the afternoon, so we had a small, simple menu.
the menu included:
ham florentine ring, fruit & veggies with dip, veggie pasta salad, and cupcakes.
there were also 3 little ramekins in our sitting area with pecan pralines, mini peanut butter cups, and powerberries (not pictured) (thanks traderjoes).

for beverages, of course we had masons with paper straws.

lemonade, raspberry lemonade, sweet tea, cucumber lime mint water, and water were the choice beverages.

all the guests were asked to fill out a sheet of scrapbook paper with blessings, bible verses, or whatever they so desired for baby eli. after everyone filled them out, they were tied together to form a blessings ring. (i got the idea here.)

scrapbook paper banner.

scrapbook paper tie banner. super easy, and would be super cute for father's day...which is why this one was saved!

we had to have the trendy photo booth just because we could.
i made bow ties, neck ties, and used the mustache die-cuts and glued them on chopsticks... innovative i know!

i was so excited to use this vintage chalkboard. i found this at an antique store (if you've been a follower, it was the cool/creepy one with the clock outside that i showed here.) it's one of the ones that used to be used in schools. this was on my front door. welcome.

also shown here, those chocolate mustaches were the party favors. 

rachel and her cute mama.

rachel and her cute friends.

yep, that's us, those crazy kids.

me and my sister. i don't know what i would've done without her help. she was so great!
thanks, ash!

mustache die-cuts: 2633 creations (etsy)
mustache clipart: littleweddingworks (etsy)
mustache mold (for candies): sweetmolds (amazon)
paper straws: kikkerland (amazon)


  1. This is so cute! What great details you incorporated! I love the photo booth, looks like everyone had a blast with that. Everything looks so lovely and I'm sure your friend appreciated all the love and support she got :)

  2. This is adorable! What a great idea :)


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