Friday, April 27, 2012

instagram overload

i haven't blogged in about a week, and i haven't shared my instagrams in over two...maybe three. so, here are my two and/or three weeks worth of instagrams.
normally, i might skip some, but i really had to share. 
they also happen to be some of my favorite things...
my husband, my boy, my girl, my city, my friends, etc...i have a lot of favorites.
my instagram id is julieyaryan if you want to follow along.

we had some missionary friends from thailand come and visit us for about 5 days. tim is one of caleb's best friends, so we were really excited about them coming. we took them and their 3 kids under 4 around charleston. we had a great time!
(don't you just want to squeeze those chunky cheeks. love my girl!)

we even got to go on a double date while they were here. thank goodness for grandparents and greatgrands that don't ever mind watching kids.

the top left is a picture from our dinner table on our date. it was fabulous. 
i love charleston. it's beautiful during the day or night. 
the top right is of a fountain downtown. it's sad when there has to be signs because of lawsuits. 
it's ankle deep, if that!

i love him, my babies' daddy, my beau, my beloved, my one and only.

my boy.
i love him. and, when he's trying on daddy's glasses, he looks like a minime caleb.
his dark brown eyes melt my heart! they are piercing, and i know they'll be trouble when he's older.
girls, stay away!

speaking of girls, jude had a blast with this little beauty, lael. her parents are two of our dearest friends. lael and jude are a month apart...lael being older. they were down at the beach for a few days, so we went to visit. i've never seen jude take a picture with another child and be so genuinely happy.

my girl.
i love her. i mean, i'm smitten by this sweet baby who rolled over from back to front this week!
time, please slow down!

my kids love eachother. 
jude loves to "hold na," and to hold her hand. 
it's so sweet!

my neighbors found a birds nest in their bushes. jude was super excited to see it.
jem is absolutely one of my favorite cartoons from my childhood, so could you imagine my excitement when i found it on netflix's newly added streaming list...maybe you can' my husband who didn't think it was 'truly outrageous.'
my little guy loves puzzles.
clara, our needy, overly sweet, lick you to death, old lady doberman.

{me, joy, carissa}
last weekend, we went on a triple date. we had an amazing dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, mosaic. then we went to tcby for yogurt (which happened to be our second dessert).
these girls are amazing, and i love them. what would a girl do without friends?
the bottom picture i thought was a mistake, but apparently i was wrong. 
the hubs informed me he thought it was interesting and that's why he took it...i thought he was just snapping away because he was ready to go.

i was wearing make-up and had actually fixed my hair...that was cause enough for a snapshot.

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  1. i have never heard of jem. but that is probably a given. ha! cute collages!!!

    1. well, remember, i'm going to be 30 this year. ;)


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