Friday, March 23, 2012

istagramming it

last weekend, we piled in the car and took the kids to a really special spot that means a lot to my sweet and me...cypress gardens. it's beautiful. the way the cypress trees stand tall surrounded by the black, still water is breathtakingly beautiful. it's where we went on our first's where we spent countless hours in college reading books to each other while paddling through the lily pads spotting alligators and's where he asked me to become his mrs.

yes, we're in shorts in's already so hot here!

jude peaking through a walking bridge that sits over the brackish water.

nora hung out in the ergo with mama the whole time.

jude wanted nora to sit with him in the wagon. it was sweet. she wasn't so sure about it.

jude spent sometime with his grandma on wednesday while i went to trader joe's...we've only had one for a little while and i absolutely love it...i decided to stop in this little's thieves market...isn't it fun and sort of creepy all at once! it's like i stepped back in time when i saw it. there was some antique furniture and little dust to look at...i didn't buy anything.

nora did so well with me while i looked around. i can't get enough of her smile!

while at tj's i spotted some almond milk. i'd never tried it before and now i'm sold...i don't know if i'll ever drink cow's milk again...probably that's an exaggeration...i'm excited to try it in baking. it really tastes great, and it's, win!


  1. cuteness! i think i want to steal your sunglasses.

  2. found yoiu through life rearranged! great blog. now followering. looking forward to reading more

  3. These pictures are amazing! I especially love those beautiful cypress trees! And I want your sunglasses, too! ;)

  4. The thumbnail of your daughter with her gorgeous smile is what made me click through to your blog :-)

  5. love that sweet wagon photo! and the clock is super awesome.

    enjoy your weekend!

  6. thank you for the book suggestion I will definitely have to read it!!

  7. You are just too cute. Really.
    And I think Trader Joe's can make almost anything taste amazing. Plus, their brand/advertising/labels makes me want to buy their stuff. :)
    Lovely post. And thank you for linking!

    {lol...about the vintage fisher price...I've scoured garage sales for it as well...}


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