Friday, March 2, 2012

life through instagram

 this was my week in photos according to my phone, lets call her lola. 
(do you name things? i only have a few things my car...he's a subaru outback named dax...we also have a wooden giraffe in the living room named stanley...just wondering)

little girl has to be holding something and it touching her face to fall asleep. don't worry mom's, i remove it so she won't suffocate! it's really cute to see her hold it.

look at those eyes and cheeks!

little man has been sick this week, but that's no reason not to eat "brocki."

my house during the day...

toys strung about, blankets and pillows everywhere.
yes, that's a diaper box in the's now a slide for cars.

i got spring fever and pulled things out of everywhere! i've made a huge mess!

daddy's been working a ton, mommy's been cleaning and the kitchen was a to chick-fil-a we go...look at how pretty these poppies are on my way to the drive thru.

i'm a weirdo...what can i say. i bought jude a vintage fisher price little people town. this little guy came with it...we call him jimbo after my dad.

my little man has been sick all week, so we've been finding things to do in the house. like coloring. have you ever seen these stamps for little hands. they are shaped like animals

he likes them more than crayons.

this is me trying to be cool in my $5 forever 21 aviators.

like i said, we're weirdos. we were on the way to an amazing missions conference that our church puts on every year.
missionaries from all over come and share about what they are doing in their corners of the world. this year's key note speaker was awesome. it brings tears to my eyes to hear what the Lord is doing all over the world and right here at's also super challenging. it makes you think about what you are doing in the place where you are right now...whether that be a job, at home, at school...what are you doing to help others? are you living a life that points others to Christ? when people see you, do they see that you are different? that something is different, and that that something is someone named Jesus?


  1. i name things too! my car is rita, the one before that was ms daisy (i was driving ms daisy...), and the one before that was phoebe. she was plum colored, so i thought the name fitting.

  2. Hopping over from Finding Joy...
    What a fun list. Your daughter's cheeks are fabulous! Love them!
    We name things in our house too. Our Wrangler is Black Jack and my Yukon is McDub. Will be following :)
    Happy Friday!

  3. oooh. i love me a good missions conference. chick-fil-a should be the answer to many of life's messy kitchens. happy weekend to ya!

  4. I totally name things...glad to know I'm not the only one. Love your pictures and the missions conference sounds great! Happy Friday!


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