Monday, March 19, 2012

five months {nora}

five months have past since little nora girl entered the world. she's gotten so big...loving to sit up...trying to on her own and trying to gain balance. she's content on her tummy for a little while. on her back, she scoots backwards, using her feet to push off of the floor or whatever is's rather funny to watch and too darn cute...she smiles the whole time she's doing it. 

she really is so smiley. i love to see her whole face light up. i think jude is her favorite person to smile at. she loves to watch him...she's so attentive and observant.

we tried baby oatmeal at 4 months, and it was a complete fail. so, i waited a little longer and tried again...with baby food fruit in it...she's getting a little better at keeping the food in her mouth...i forgot how messy oatmeal can be. i think she's teething...drool is a constant, as well as chewing on whatever she can get into her mouth. 

nora loves to hear singing. i would love to sing and rock her at bedtime, but i can only make it through one song...she laughs and smiles the whole time instead of falling asleep. she's an early riser...well, our early...we were used to big brother getting up around 8 or 8:30...mommy's not used to these 6:30 mornings! (i know some babies get up earlier, so i can't complain). she still sleeps through the night, so i'm ok with that. 

i had forgotten how much i love the baby stage. i'm so going to miss it! nora is a complete joy! we love you baby girl!


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