Friday, March 30, 2012

candy, coffee, chunky cheeks and a mustache

i'm loving instagram right now, which means this could be a forever friday thing.

we have a newish, family-friendly restaurant that my family usually ends up eating at every saturday.
not only is it really good, but you get to eat boiled peanuts while you wait on your food. 
boiled peanuts are a wonderful thing in the south.

sitting outside with daddy after lunch.

i wonder what's going through his head...

look at that face. how can we say no...(we actually did because he had just had a treat)

have you seen these books? they're called indestructables. i've loved them. they were great with jude and now with nora. they're completely baby chew proof, rip proof, won't turn to mush while slobbering proof. nontoxic and 100% washable! 

love sleeping babies...especially when they fall asleep while i'm holding them.

this was in my backyard. i sent this to my sweet, works-a-lot husband to tell him it was time to mow. 
(i would do it myself, but he says that's his job.)

mowing like daddy.

nora swinging.

couldn't you just eat her up! i love these chunky cheeks!!

my new fave drink in the mornings (or anytime of day). 
cold brewed coffee. 
say goodbye to starbucks.
oh, and it must be sipped out of a jar.
there are a ton of recipes on the world wide net. here's one. and another
i actually make mine with almond milk and vanilla torani syrup. 
go ahead and try it. i dare you.

sunset over the harbor.

jude caught a lizard. he was stoked!

baby with a mustache.
i'm working on decorations for a baby shower for a sweet friend. it's a little man baby shower. i'll show pictures of the invite and decor once we get closer to the date.
nora was helping me out. 


  1. That restaurant looks so cool - I miss the south! And your daughters cheeks are just too cute!
    Have a great weekend :)

  2. Grin. The baby with a mustache picture is fabulous!
    And sigh, honestly I never tire of taking pics of my kids mowing with their little mower -- so I was quite partial to the mowing pic!
    Thanks for linking, bloggy friend.


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