Monday, February 20, 2012

four months {nora}

sweet baby girl is four months old now. i must admit i'm smitten. she's the sweetest baby. still sleeping through the night. yay! drooling like a mad woman now. i love gummy, droolie smiles, and she loves giving them. i love how her whole face lights up when she smiles. feeding her a bottle can be tough because she likes looking up, smiling and laughing. she has the cutest giggle. she wakes up happy every day...i'm not exaggerating...i wouldn't know she was awake if it weren't for her ahhing and squealing. sometimes, i like to lay and listen to her for a few minutes before getting her up. her little baby noises make me happy to start my day. she's such a girl...when i change her clothes, she giggles and smiles. every day i see a little bit more of her personality forming. i'm excited to see the woman she will become and pray she will be a woman of purity, integrity, honesty, and so much more, but for now, i'm just loving being the mommy of this beautiful girl!

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  1. happy four months to your mini me! her smile makes me smile.


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