Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{nora} three months

hello 2012, and hello three months old!
sweet girl is now half way to 6 months! time's-a-trucking!
she likes to sit in her bumbo, but only for a little while, until her head starts wobbling. baby girl really enjoys sitting up and looking around, and she will definitely let you know how unhappy she is if she's not ready to lay down...whoa does she have a set of lungs!
she can lift her head up off the ground during tummy time.
she loves watching her big brother, and gives him the biggest gummy grins!
she has a great grip and especially likes to hold on to her blanket. 
she is quite the talker, too. i love to hear her little voice cooing or squealing back at me!
little bit is a great snuggler with mommy...and oh! how i love snuggling.
i will miss these days, clock please slow down!
nora, you are such a joy!

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  1. Love her!! She's just beautiful!! We have to get our girls together!!


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