Monday, November 28, 2011

{nora} one month

these are a little late (she's almost 7 weeks), but here are nora's one month pictures. 
my pretty, sweet, little girl.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a closer look {wall collage}

i must admit, i really enjoyed making this collage of framed art in nora's room (you can see her whole room here). it was time consuming, but fun to tap into my creative side and make something that can grow with her, and not have to come down after she turns two. everything was affordable and easy to do. most of the frames i purchased from goodwill and garage sales...we just spray painted them (who knew it be so hard to find white affordable frames).

up close and personal:

1. scrapbook paper owl. i freehanded this cutie. the piece is from scrapbook paper that i already had.
2. proverbs 31:30 print. a great verse for a girl (and her mom) to hide away in her heart. i did this on the computer in publisher. {i found most of these great fonts from }
3. dear prudence lyrics print. i made this one in publisher as well. caleb and i like the beatles, and i love these particular lyrics of dear prudence.
4. psalm 139:14-16 (esv) paraphrase print. this was made in publisher as well...what a great verse to remind little one that God created us and knows everything about us...nothing is hidden, and he holds us in His hands.

5. love on burlap. i found this idea on pinterest. the original idea can be found here. super easy...frame a piece of burlap...write on the glass with a dry erase marker. i can change what it says whenever i want!
6. scrapbook paper flower. i found a tutorial for these paper flowers here. i love the way the flower stands off the background.
7. yarn-wrapped letters. i talk about this craft here. they are pinned directly to the wall. i used jute string to hang them.
8. butterfly shells. we live near the beach, so this was super cheap and easy to make! i actually found these shells exactly like you see them the last time i took jude to the beach before nora was born. the background is scrapbook paper.

{these were the only pieces that were purchased and not made by me}

9. metamorphosis and migration #3 by c. winner. we purchased this print on our honeymoon and just now had them framed...6 years later...who knew we were buying them just for our daughter's room. these were the most expensive pieces. i had to buy custom sized frames because they're a weird size.
10. felt bird on canvas. i saw this in a local shop called the eclectic owl and immediately knew i wanted it for the nursery. i thought i could make it, but decided to just purchase it. i had a coupon for half off, so it was worth it because i would've spent more than i did on materials and time. the frame is from goodwill, and we just spray painted it. however, it would be easy to make. it's just felt, embroidery thread, buttons for the eyes, fabric for the background, and a canvas.
11. migration and metamorphosis (south) by c. winner. this goes with number 9. we enjoy supporting local artists, which is why we purchased these. we'd rather support locals than buy commercial art from target or another large store (not that there is anything wrong with's just our preference).

and there you have it...up close and personal view of the wall collage. 
what do you think?

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Friday, November 11, 2011

a birth story

five am came very early on october 12th...especially since i hadn't gone to bed until sometime after one due to my procrastination of packing my hospital bag...excitement and anxiousness had overtaken me. before leaving to meet our new little one, i slowly opened the door of the room that rests across the hall from my own. i touched the head of my twenty-two month old baby that was nestled safely in his crib, gripping his balled up blankie like a stuffed toy, dreaming of who knows what...maybe dinosaurs or trains...or playing ball with daddy or dancing and singing with mommy...this was the last time in our home as a family of three...

{just waiting on little girl to arrive}

my sweetie and i got in the car and traveled to the hospital...weathering the downpour...when we finally arrived...we filled out the normal hospital paperwork...moved right along to the third floor...labor and delivery...

{our attempt at a before picture...taken by my hubby}

don't judge, but i was there to be induced...not for medical reasons, but simply because i wanted to have things planned out. my labor with jude was a difficult one...23 hours from the time my water broke until we saw his full head of black hair...those hours included about 2 or more hours of pushing...i can't really remember because i was simply exhausted...i also wanted to make sure my little guy was cared for properly while we stayed at the, we prayed about it, and planned our delivery...

{my love...waiting with me}

after my wonderful nurse...who also happened to be the nurse we had with jude...attached the monitor's to my belly, we found out i was already in labor! what a blessing...what i thought were braxton hicks, were actual contractions...

{pouty lips already}

we tried to rest while we waited, but we were filled with the anticipation of meeting our baby girl...besides, how much rest can you really get with monitors hooked up to your belly and a blood pressure cuff squeezing your arm every 15 minutes...i tried reading my bible, but my mind wandered...what would this delivery be far it's been easy, but could it really be this easy the whole time...what would nora be like...would she have hair...who will she look like...

{holding daddy's finger for the first time...daddy's already smitten and wrapped around hers}

by ten am, the anesthesiologist had come in to give me my glorious epidural...
we waited some more...called to check on little man...
by noon, my sweet doctor came to check on me...she broke my water, and we waited some more.

{first picture together minus big brother}

we waited until sometime after 3. my nurse came to check me, and said whoa don't do anything, don't push! she immediately called the doctor who came right over from her office.

{beautiful nora}

everything moved so quickly...i only had to push like 4 or 5 times...
and by 3:42pm, we heard her first cry...and i held her for the first time and fell in love all over again.

{mommy and nora}

how can anyone deny the Creator, the maker of miracles, after experiencing a pregnancy and birth?
it's miraculous. despite the aches and pains that go along with it, it's magnificently joyous.

{big brother meeting little sister for the first time}

{every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. - james 1:17}

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Monday, November 7, 2011

nora's nursery {revealed}

i wanted nora's nursery to be a reflection of who we are style-wise as a family, and for it to transition to a big girl room easily. i don't really know what you'd call our style...modern eclectic...i'm not sure...if you figure it out, leave me a comment letting me know :). we love the clean masculine lines of modern furniture, yet, we love the look of the feminine quilted bedding. this room used to be the guest room. we didn't want to repaint it, so we had to make sure everything would go with the wall color...and since the color is so dark, i wanted to have all white furniture...however, we found this davinci babyletto 3-in-1 crib and changing table for a steal on craigslist...we knew we liked it because we have the same set for jude in all espresso...the white adds a bit of brightness and girliness that this room needed. as i mentioned weeks ago, the bedding is the pottery barn "chloe" bedding that i purchased off ebay. we had the floor lamps in the guest room and decided to keep them in there. the ikea poang rocker was a gift from my sweet in-laws. it will transition to another room nicely once my kiddos are too big to rock (sigh...).  

 i also made the bird art on the opposite wall. an easy project that consisted of an old mirror frame from goodwill that i got for only $2.00, white spray paint, jute twine, cardboard, and scrapbook paper. the only cost to me was the paint and frame...affordable and cute! i wish i could say i came up with it, but i didn't. i "borrowed" the idea from here after seeing it on pinterest.

 the adorable mobile was a gift from our family friend...a very talented college freshman who handmade those sweet birdies just for nora.!

the collage of pictures was a project! it took a couple of weeks to put it together, but i love the way it turned out. there will be another post of the upclose pictures so you can see the craftiness. it was super easy to do, but time consuming! all but three of the art pieces were made by me, so i was busy.

if you remember the doll cradle my love was spray painting white for me, it now holds memories from my childhood. i saved those particular dolls and stuffed animals in case i had a daughter some day...i hope she enjoys them as much as i did. (the horse and cabbage patch doll dress were handmade by my grandmother)

new dolls and stuffed animals for her to call her own. the little doll in the middle was a gift from a family friend all the way from germany. it's adorable. my sweetie grew up in indiana, so he supports the colts. he went on a week long trip back in september and brought back the cute dog in colts attire for her. and if you remember my $2.86 pillow purchased from all fits together nicely in her comfy crib (don't worry, all of these things will be taken out once she sleeps in there.)

i hope you enjoyed your tour of my little sweet pea's room. there are a few more things we'd like to add later, like a dollhouse bookshelf (if we can find one we like), and curtains, but for now i'm super happy with how it turned out. what do you think?