Monday, December 19, 2011

two years {jude}

december 10th came quickly this year. 
i wasn't ready to embrace it! 
my little man turned 2.
the past 2 years have been a blur...filled with hugs and kisses, laughter, tears and tantrums! i wouldn't change a thing...well, maybe i would make time slow down so i could stop and file away every brown-eyed stare and sweet slobbery baby kiss that came along my way. little man has been such a blessing. he's grown up so fast. 
he loves his daddy...about the same time everyday that daddy gets home...i don't know how he knows what time it is...he starts calling da-da. he loves to ride his cycle (a push motorcycle) and to mow the lawn with his bubble lawn mower. he has this amazing ability to hold on to the smallest of things for the longest of times...he'll find an acorn "hat" (the tops of the acorns) and hold it in his hand for hours...he loves cars and cars the movie...he's learning how to say please when he wants something and thank you when he gets it...and sometimes he confuses the thank you with your welcome and tells me "elcome." he loves being mommy's "elper," helping me cook, putting dishes away, or picking up toys. he is also quite his mommy and daddy...he likes to have his way, and when he doesn't get it, the world has come to an end!
i love to hear him say "mama hold you," fluctuating on the you when he wants to be held.
he loves taking showers instead of baths. i love it when we say it's night-night time and the first thing he says is "bible" and then "ock" (rock) and then "sing." my favorite is when he sings with me...jesus loves me and somewhere over the rainbow...and when he tries to say heart melts.
i thank God for the time that we've had with this handsome, rambunctious, sweetheart of a boy. i pray he will come to know the Lord at a young age and grow into a God-loving, God-fearing man. i pray he will continue to want to read the Bible with us, and say prayers with us. 
what a blessing it has been to be his mommy.
happy birthday, jude!
i love you!

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