Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{nora} two months

little girl is now 2 months old.
she's a lot more alert, taking in the wonders of the world around her.
she has discovered her hand and can stare at it for quite a long time for a baby. 
she started sleeping through the night...
which makes for one happy mama {yay}
little girl is growing, so up went all of her newborn clothes. {tear}
but, that means she's a healthy baby!
right before she turned two months old, we did have a trip to the er. it was early on a sunday morning and nora had a fever of 101.6. i paged our pediatrician and was told to go to the children's hospital er. what i thought would've been just a quick visit, turned into a 5 day stay.
she had rsv, respiratory syncytial virus, which is a very common virus that has cold symptoms, and most kids get it sometime before they are 2, but can cause problems for young babies. jude had it when he was one, so i wasn't worried at all...however, nora couldn't eat a thing without coughing and gagging on the mucus (eww), which made her throw up everything she ate! this meant she had to have fluids to keep her from becoming dehydrated. 
everyday we'd think we were going to go home, but the doctors would say one more day just to be cautious...i'm glad they did, because if i were at home, i wouldn't have known what to do when she couldn't keep anything down, and really wouldn't have been able to do anything. she needed the fluids they were giving her in the iv to keep her hydrated, and most of the time we were there she was very sweet baby would just lay there and barely move.
i stayed with her the whole time, which was the first time i had ever been away from jude for that long. thankfully, both of our families live near us, so we had their help with little man. 

her bout with rsv wasn't as serious as some cases. 
some babies have to have oxygen or breathing treatments, so we thanked God that she didn't have that serious of a case.
by thursday, little bit was wiggling, smiling and ready to go home...and so was i!
she loves to smile, and when she does, you can see how happy she is in her eyes.
i love those open mouth gummy smiles.

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