Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{37 weeks}

how far along? 37 weeks
weight gain? about 25lbs
maternity clothes? of course! it's what's comfortable!
stretch marks? none {so far}
sleep?  i sleep really well...really like a rock because i'm exhausted right now, accept i have to get up multiple times a night for the bathroom
best moment this week? it really wasn't this week, but at 36 weeks, we had to have another ultrasound because my belly is measuring 3 weeks behind. so, we got to see nora one more time before we meet her in person. everything is fine with her, though. she's just really low, which is making me measure small, and she's not a very big baby
gender? girl
movement? oh definitely! she's quite the mover...still with lots of hiccups!

cravings? i don't really have any cravings, really i'm tired of eating!
labor signs? those not so fun braxton hicks
belly button in or out? oh, it's out alright...i don't think it can go any further...which is weird because mine never popped out when i was pregnant with jude, and i was 10lbs bigger with him!
what i miss? just not being uncomfortable all the time! 
what i'm looking forward to? meeting nora! and seeing how jude will react with his little sister.

i didn't have this blog when i was pregnant with jude, so this picture is just for fun...
the left is when i was 37 weeks pregnant with jude...whoa is all i can face was chubby!


  1. you look wonderful!! can't wait for nora to get here!!


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