Wednesday, September 21, 2011

shower for baby

i've been a little m.i.a. from the blog world due to nursery prep and just being plain exhausted, and realized i never posted pictures from the sweet shower that my sweet friends and family gave me and little girl (she still didn't have a name at this point, but she now has one...i will share it in another post...oh the suspense).

please note, these pictures are unedited, and unmarked. i just didn't feel like editing them, so i apologize in advance! (and, since they are unmarked, please do not reproduce unless you ask permission...thanks!) 

the delicious food! everything was so good! 
the menu included cinnamon cream cheese bars, goat cheese with pumpkin butter and table water crackers, smoked gouda pimento cheese with crackers, caprese pasta salad, and yummy chocolate cupcakes with strawberry icing.

the party favors.
adorable lollipops with a ribbon and thank you stickers.

everyone drank out of mason jars and these super cute paper straws from etsy.

the beverages.

(have you noticed all of the mason jars with beautiful pink and white flowers?) a sign-up for meals for after we have little girl. this is an easy and thoughtful way to help out a mom after baby is born. i was so thankful to have prepared meals brought to us after jude was born!

the diaper cake.

baby girl banner.

some of the ladies in my family. (from left to right) my sister ashley, mom, me, mema, and aunt tammy

my darling mom and sister helped with the shower.

my beautiful friends, carissa and beth, who also helped with all the loveliness of the shower.

 i was 32 weeks at my shower. my 32 weeks picture. 

hope you enjoyed the tour. 

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  1. Oh everything looked beautiful! And you look great!


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