Thursday, September 29, 2011

diy {yarn wrapped letters}

i mentioned on monday that i would show you what these supplies were used for...

we were given letter's for jude's room as a gift, and frankly, i wasn't as into crafting like i am now, partly because i worked full-time and didn't read blogs at that time. we didn't have letters for nora's room, and then i saw these on pinterest and knew i had to make them:

i googled yarn wrapped letters and found many tutorials that are great. these ended up being super easy and cheap (the total project only cost me $6.44...i already had the glue) yet time could be that nora has some not so easy letters to cover, or that i just feel like everything takes me forever to do because i'm in a time crunch since i'm now 37 weeks preggo!

here is my version:
the start...

the finish...
(sorry no in between pictures)

many of the tutorials i found didn't use glue, however, i decided to use this amazing glue called fabri-tac because some areas of the letters were hard to wrap. so, i would dab a little bit of glue, attach the yarn and wrap away. i also used glue at the end of secure the final piece of yarn. i would give you a tutorial, but there are so many good ones already. i used this one from let birds fly. we chose white because nora's walls are a grayish-brown color, and i love the contrast of the dark walls with the white letters. i can't wait to show you her nursery...when it's's almost done...i promise...

what do you think?


  1. LOVE them! so cute, julie! i look forward to seeing the finished room!

  2. they look great! although, it must have taken forever to wrap all that so well. they will look so pretty on the grey wall!!!

  3. they look so good! Can't wait to see the finished room. I know it will look great!

  4. whenever i have kids you can make me some letters... :) so excited that little nora comes soon!


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