Monday, August 8, 2011

29 weeks

i haven't really talked about pregnancy at all in the past 29 weeks. there are only 11 weeks left {if that}! so, i thought i'd write a little update. i've seen these on other blogs, so i copied...i'm unoriginal i know!

how far along? 29 weeks
weight gain? about 20lbs
maternity clothes? umm, yes, definitely...however, i am still wearing non-maternity too. in the picture above, i'm wearing non-maternity! i have 2 pairs of gap shorts that have stretchy waists that i wear pretty much all the time.
stretch marks? none {so far}
sleep? baby girl moves a lot at night time, but i sleep really well...besides the nightly trips to the bathroom
best moment this week? jude patting my belly saying's so cute to hear him say "baybee"
movement? almost all the time! she's quite the mover and shaker...with lots of hiccups!
cravings? i don't really have any cravings, but i do like to have {chocolate} milk almost everyday
gender? baby girl
labor signs? just braxton hicks every once in a while
belly button in or out? still in
what i miss? laying on my stomach, bending over without a belly, and eating a hamburger or steak{for some weird reason, i can't eat beef this hurts my stomach}
what i'm looking forward to? picking a name for this little one! she's still baby girl...we can't decide on a's not that we don't agree, we have a few names we both like, but we just can't pick one and say that's her...we are just continuing to pray for guidance in the process.

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  1. cute! maybe because i haven't been around very long in blogworld, but i've never seen this kind of update-- i like it! i may have to borrow your idea as my pregnancy progresses! you look great! can't wait to find out "baby girl's" name!


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