Monday, February 7, 2011

miscellany monday

i'm linking up today with carissa over at lowercase letters for miscellany monday...

1. the other day, i went to the grocery store and bought a gallon of organic milk, a loaf of bread, and a dozen large eggs...guess how much it cost...go ahead, take a guess...
and that was with a coupon for the eggs. $9.45!  i couldn't believe it!  i normally buy all of my groceries for a week or two, so i'd never really bought those three items alone.
 i was curious, so i googled how much those 3 items (well, not organice milk, just regular) would've cost when i was born (1982) and the total would've been around $3.90.   i can't imagine how much they will cost when my little one is my age. 

2. i think i'm in trouble. he found the xbox controller.
i think daddy has some competition.

3. i definitely think i'm in trouble...jude started climbing this week. he likes to climb on top of his mega blocks container. that's how it started...he climbed on top of that...which was next to the coffee table...i'm sure you can fill in the rest of the story...we look over and he's on top of the coffee table...definitely trouble.

4. the hubs and i decided that the day after the superbowl should be a holiday. who can stay up that late and function properly the next day? maybe it's just us and we're getting old...i was in bed by 8:30 the other night...

5. since when did my baby become a little boy. i feel like we completely skipped the cute, chunky baby stage. he's growing up way to fast!


  1. your little one is PRECIOUS! I'm only 26 weeks so I can't even imagine my little walking around the house...I think I'll cry at each milestone.

  2. That is a crazy price. Geesh.

    Jude is a little boy! And yes, he did skip that phase - he was never fat! But in my grandma's words, that's a mighty good thing because the fat cells stay with them forever. She thinks I need to put Sage on a diet. Crazy lady! : )


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