Friday, February 18, 2011

"happiness is a warm blanket"

i have a little linus.
every night at bed time, we take jude upstairs and get him ready for "night, night."
he loves going up the stairs by himself (with mommy or daddy right behind him, hands extended).
he gets his diaper changed and brushes his teeth like a big boy.
then, comes his favorite part.
the blanket.
while i'm holding him i pick up his blanket from the crib and give it to him.
 he gets so excited!
he loves his blanket.
he burries his face, inhales, and lets out a profound, deep sigh, as if to say, "everything is ok now."
he loves his blankie.

"this blanket is a necessity. it keeps me from cracking up."
- linus van pelt from a boy named charlie brown
linus picture via

he was wearing his blanket around his neck like this one day after his nap...we had to capture it on film!


  1. Adorable! All of my children still have their baby blankets. My 16yo boy still sleep with his, but don't tell him I told you so!

  2. Love this son is in college and he still delights in "big blue" when he comes in :)

  3. julie, he is precious! he looks so much like you in these pics!


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