Friday, December 10, 2010

12 months...ok, ok, one year!

today, my baby is one.
12 months ago, i remember like it was yesterday.  your daddy and i were getting ready for bed...i laid down, and water broke!  you weren't due for another 7 days.  i was so nervous...i was shaking as i called the doctor.  on the way to the hospital, we talked about you...wondered what you would look like, what it would be like to hold you, to be many things we wondered about...
23 hours after my waterbroke, you 10:34pm...
i was extremely exhausted, but i'll never forget how i felt when i first saw were the most beautiful miracle i'd ever seen...
daddy said while the nurses were cleaning you up, you were crying... he called your name and you held his finger and stopped crying. 
that's his favorite memory from the day of your birth!

when i held you for the first time, it was surreal.  
my heart was full.  i never imagined i'd love you so much didn't know us, and we didn't know you...but, i loved you as if i'd known you all my life...
we couldn't take our eyes off of you...all we wanted to do was hold you, and hug you, and kiss your sweet face...and now, it's 12 months are one, not a little baby anymore, and all we still want to do is hold you, hug you and kiss your sweet, adorably handsome face!  you will always be my little baby...we are truly blessed by our heavenly Father to have you as our son...we are so thankful that he has entrusted us to take care of you.
happy birthday, jude!
we love you!

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