Thursday, November 11, 2010

easy ribbon and bead necklace

i've been obsessively reading blogs about making this or making that...well, i wanted in on the action, however, i don't really have all of the supplies (or the funds) to do some of the things i wanted to, i went the super cheap route on this easy, pretty little necklace (did i mention it was cheap)...
it only cost me $3.50.


i purchased these red resin beads from ac moore for $2.99 (they were originally $4.99, but i had a coupon...yay)...the ribbon is a silver color (a spool of it was only $.50 at ac moore).
i didn't really take any measurements...i just cut a really really long piece of ribbon...then i cut the ends of the ribbon making a point...i took the lighter and carefully burned the end to make it stiff and to make it so it wouldn't went through the bead way easier this way...(i did this after trying to push the ribbon through and it kept fraying!) we are ready to start the knotting and the beading...
i started in the middle of the ribbon and tied a knot...then i tied 2 more knots on top of the same, it made a really big knot...then string a bead...then another 3 knots...then a bead...then another 3 knots...then, go the other side and do the same...i alternated between sides to even out the necklace...keep alternating and until you've made the size necklace you should look similar to this...
by the time i got to the end of my beads (and it was the size i wanted it to be), i didn't have enough ribbon to tie it around my neck, so i took two more pieces of ribbon and tied little knots, then cut off the excess of ribbon that was attached to the beads(that was really hard to explain)...see the picture below...
voila! an easy bead and ribbon necklace.  i also burned the ends of the ribbon to prevent fraying.  to wear, just tie it around your can wear it longer or shorter...whatever your heart desires!

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  1. I would love to have one of these! :) We need to have a jewerly making party soon.

  2. We love how simple this project is - but the results are so pretty! Great job..we may have to make one of these, too!

    Take care,
    Rachael & the A.C. Moore Team

    P.S. - check out our Twitter page (@officialacmoore) because we'll be tweeting this later today!

  3. Super cute! I love those beads, they're gorgeous!

  4. soo cute! i just discovered these shoestring necklaces...


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