Monday, October 25, 2010

10 months

this is a little late!  jude has been 10 months now for 15 days!  my little baby doesn't really look like a little baby anymore...i think it's because of his dark hair and eyebrows, but people are so surprised when i tell them how old he is.  
he's growing up so fast.  i wish i could slow down time!
 we are now walking with the help of a push toy, but crawling is still our main means of transportation. we are slowly starting to eat more solid foods (foods that aren't mashed)...he has a terrible gag-reflex, so this has been very slow!  but, we love blueberry bagels, bananas, green beans, string cheese and the rolls at jim-n-nicks!  we love bath time, and we still love nap time! yay!  we are still taking 2 naps a day!  we are super excited when we hear the door when daddy comes home from work.  i think that's his favorite time of day!  mommy's favorite time of day is bedtime, when i can hold and sing to him.  he doesn't really like to be rocked, but for a few moments we cuddle with our blanket and i sing to him...he looks up at me and smiles, talks back to me, and sometimes laughs at mommy's singing!  it's ok if he laughs at me...that's my special time when he's still my little baby and time goes by slowly for us in that moment!

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