Monday, September 27, 2010

monday's miscellany

today i'm linking up at lowercase letters for miscellany monday.

1.  for the past 8 years that i've known my sweet husband, i've thought he looks like johnny depp (of course i think he's way better looking than the movie star).
this past week my husband was at a trade show for his company, and someone told him he looked adorable husband said, "my wife thinks i look like johnny depp."  the blunt gentleman that my husband has never met before said, "i think your wife needs new glasses." 
a.) i don't wear glasses...and b.) i don't have a b.
maybe it's just me

2.  meet clara
i don't think she's ever been introduced. 
she's our sweet doberman that we've had for almost 5 years now.
she's an 8 years old rescue, a 65lb lap dog who's afraid of thunderstorms.

3.  confession
i think i'm a closet chocoholic! 
there, i said it. 
for many years i've said i don't really like chocolate...
and i really don't like a lot of it, but as i've become more hormonal matured, my tastes have changed. 
some chocolatey things i love:
homemade hot chocolate

three muskateers bars
edy's chocolate fudge brownie yogurt
immaculate baking co's triple chocolate cookies (they're also for a good cause)
and this wonderful, fluffy, lush, aptly named chocolate dream

carrabba's sogno di cioccolata "chocolate dream"
"a rich fudge brownie brushed with Kahlua, with velvety chocolate mousse, fresh whipped cream and homemade chocolate sauce" (carrabba's menu description)
the hubs & i will split a meal at carrabba's just to get this deliciousness...if you've never had it, trust's heavenly

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  1. i always laughed when you said you didn't like chocolate. : )

    i totally see the resemblance from that pic of jd!!!


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