Friday, September 24, 2010


29 reasons i love you
(in no particular order)

29.  you make me laugh
28.  you were my "safe" friend
27.  you are indescribably good looking

26.  you are wise beyond your years
25.  you are a wonderful provider
24.  you eat my food without complaining, even though i'm a bad cook and you'd rather be eating taco bell
23.  you always put me and jude first
22.  you put up with me and my lady moods
21.  you are always honest with me
20.  we can do absolutely nothing together
19.  you seek wise counsel from older men
18.  you meet every week to hold other men accountable and for them to do the same for you
17.  you are my strong and steady leader

 16.  you pray earnestly
15.  we love movies
14.  you make me feel beautiful in my classic jeans and tshirt
13.  you are a brilliant computer geek...who else would fix my laptop?
12.  you want me to have dreams, and you want to make them come true
11.  you have great taste and style
10.  you have a God-given passion for people
9.  you love me
8.  you love jude
7.  you make me feel safe in this journey of life
6.  we know exactly what the other will say before we say it
5.  you are a gentle, but firm father

4.  you are an incredible, made just for me, understanding husband

3.  hubba hubba
2.  you are my best friend
1.  you are an amazing man of God

happy 29th birthday to you!
i love you!


  1. 30. You take good care of my friend and make her happy.

    Y'all are so sweet!!

  2. aww thats sweet. I like it when he fixes my lap top too. Hahaha!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to the man you love! Happy Birthday!


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