Monday, August 9, 2010

misc on a monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

jude now has two teeth, only they aren't both on the bottom.  he has one up top that's peeping through.  it's a little strange because it's a lateral incisor (the one next to the front tooth)...i didn't think he'd get that one before the other bottom front tooth and top front teeth!  his gums are really swollen, so i think he's getting all of his teeth at once!

this past friday and saturday my church held a parenting conference:  getting to the heart of parenting with speaker paul david tripp.  it was amazing and insightful!  you can watch a clip of the conference here.  there were so many good points!  i will have to share the nuggets of wisdom later this week!

i'm not a fashionista by any means...i'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl...i don't normally like what's "in"...but lately, i've been eyeing these...
i'm searching for a pair that would look ok on my face...

i'm loving books by priddy books.  jude is loving them too!  he gets super excited when he sees this one.  it has bright colors, so it's super stimulating to his little developing brain!  i think these books are great!  they have a really great selection of educational books for your little love.  what books do you like for your little one?

he also really loves this one:


  1. ooh, do tell! Can't wait to hear some of the tidbits you learned at the parenting seminar. I dont have any kiddos of my own, but the Mr. and I often discuss how we want to raise potential future kids - kind of a fun game to play :-)

  2. i so wish we could've gone to the conference! i love my aviator-ish glassees! - best $15 ever spent! those books are super cute.


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