Monday, July 26, 2010

monday's {not so} miscellany

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


happy birthday, ashley!

today is my beautiful, little sister's 26th birthday!  that makes me feel old.  we are spending the day with her, and tonight, i'm making manicotti and a chocolate cake to celebrate!  she is a full-time mom and event planner (on the side).  she's super cute and creative!  you can check out her blog here!  i pray the lord blesses you with many, many more!  love you!

jude now has a tooth!  i can't get a picture of it though!  it's still not all the way in, so it's hard to see.  but, his smile is no longer gummy.

he is almost crawling.  right now, he looks like he's practicing for war...pulling himself across the floor with his hands, dragging his legs behind.  it's cute, and i'm so not ready for him to be preparation here we come!

i'm completely loving target brand diapers!  they are great!  they are an amazing price for a lot of diapers, and they are quality!  i actually like them better than pampers and huggies, and not just because they are cheaper...we haven't had any leakage since we started using them!  and in today's economy...

last weekend, my wonderful in-laws watched jude for us, and the hubs and i went on a much-needed date!  it was fun, but of course, i worry about my little man when i'm not with him!  anywho...we went to a movie...inception...if you haven't seen it, get out and go!  it's excellent!


  1. Your sister is just beautiful. I am going to visit her blog! It's so fun when the babes begin to get mobile. My first baby walked at 9 months. That was a shocker! So thankful you got a date night with your hubby! Blessings!

  2. i bought some target diapers and i can't wait to use them. i hope i like them as much as you! : ) ashley's birthday meal sounded great! hope she had a lovely day! you are about to get really busy when jude starts crawling.


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