Monday, July 19, 2010

vacation pictures & 7 months

i've been super inconsistent with blogging lately!  i'm trying to get back into the swing of things.  we (jude and i) went on a little trip to visit my grandparents (the great-grands) in florida.  my mom, sister and nephews went as was a little trip without the hubs' was nice to visit the family, but i really missed caleb and was so glad to see him after 7 days!!  here are a few highlights...
jude turned 7 months old...
(yes, 7 months! i can't believe it...he also said mama! and is teething like crazy...there's a little white top poking through his gums!)

jude went to the beach for the first time...
(jude and papa)

(papa, jude, & me)

(jude & me)

(look at all of that cuteness)

some hot ladies! (mema & my mom)

(my sis & me)

we all took pictures on this cute bench in downtown fernandina beach...
(gigi and the boys)

(ashley & her boys)

(me & my little man)

(mema, me, & jude taken on an iphone camera)

we spent a lot of time at mema & papa's house...
(mema, papa & jude)

(my little love)


  1. I have to say, Jude did really well at the beach. I think you should take him more often. ;)

  2. Jude is precious. Your pictures are always so beautiful!


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