Monday, June 28, 2010

miscellany monday

i'm back!  it's been a crazy few weeks, but i'm now back to the blogosphere! i thought i would use miscellany monday to get you up to speed.

while i was away from blogging, my church had vbs!  i love vbs!  this was my first year as a lead teacher.  last year (when i was 13 weeks pregnant), i was on staff at my church as the children's ministry assistant, so i did all of the administrative work for the event.  this year was so fun to actually teach!  we had 716 children come hear about Jesus!  my class had 13 2nd graders, one of which was my cute nephew austin.  i also got to spend some quality time with my friend joy, who co-taught with me!  good times!

jude is now six months old! 
i can't believe it's been six months!
i know i have the cutest baby in the world!  i can't get over it either!

i made a delicious blueberry breadpudding one night for dessert...
i'll be posting the recipe later this week.

we just sold our mini cooper.  he was the first car we purchased together as a married couple, and it was the first new car i had ever owned.  we named him.  optimus prime.  opti for short.  i was a little sad, but it's only a car.  things aren't important!  what is important is why we didn't really need the mini cooper anymore...little jude!  we did bring him home from the hospital in that car.  if we had kept it, i could've only taken my baby, or his stroller...but not both, because they wouldn't fit! 
goodbye opti...


  1. that is such a cute picture of the little man!!! i love him! no offense to optimus prime, but i like the subaru (and jude!!!!) way better. : )

  2. oh, the months go by SO fast!!! Happy half-birthday to your little man!

  3. {one} jude has the cutest chubby cheeks!

    {two} i think it's funny that you thought of your car as a "he". i've always thought of mine as "she"...random. anywho, let me know if you ever stop by the church on a work day.

  4. Glad to see your back! Aww, jude is super cute in this pic. And that blueberry thing looks yummy, but Ill stick to my No blueberry rule. HA! And well I like opti too, but I guess Dax will do. =)


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