Tuesday, May 11, 2010

happy happenings

it's been a little crazy around here, which is why i haven't had time to blog...this is what we've been up to...

we started solid foods...

we started sleeping on our side, and we love holding on to this muslin cloth during naptime...

we had our first mother's day...

we had special visitors and visited special people...

we turned 5 months old...

could we be anymore cute?

also, my bff carissa @ lowercase letters is doing a giveaway...it's the wanna clinch a clutch giveaway!  the prize is a fabulous clutch from charm design!  click over to her blog to enter!


  1. such happy happenings indeed!!! love all the pictures! he is getting so big. it's really neat that he has a great great grandma - that is so rare! thanks for linking... i hope you win!

  2. "Could he BE anymore more cute?" HAHAHAHA. I know you did that just for me! I miss him already. We need to visit.

  3. julie, i know you are having so much fun with him!

  4. I could just eat him up!!! Great post.


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