Friday, May 21, 2010


that's what i feel i am. 
i am a wife and mother!
my handsome husband is wonderfully amazing
 my sweet boy is healthy and a little ball of cuteness. 
my family is a handful of crazy and fun. 
i love staying home with my little man, and am blessed to have a husband who wouldn't have it any other way. 
i have parents who love me and my family. 
who raised me to know what's right.
i'm loved by an omnipotent father who knew i'd be here this very moment thinking these very things. 
he chose to love me and save me. wow!
i am alive in christ.
blessed i am.

in what ways do you feel blessed today?


  1. you should feel this way on your birthday especially! Happy birthday!

  2. i 2nd beth! : ) and you are blessed because you don't even look another year older!!!


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