Thursday, April 15, 2010

diy decor: pom poms

this past weekend was my best friend's baby shower.  i, along with her sister-in-law, hosted the event at my house.  for decorations, i decided to make pom poms and banners.  tomorrow i will post pictures from the baby shower.  
today, i will show you how to make these adorable, easy decorations that can beautify any party decor!

8 20x30 sheets of tissue paper per large pom pom (4 sheets for small poms)
floral or garden wire
fishing line

step 1:  fold tissue paper like an accordion, make the first one about 1 1/2 inches and then go from there. creasing with every fold.

step 2: fold a piece of floral wire over the center and twist. 

step 3:  cut the edges of the tissue paper into points or round them.  i did points because rounding was too hard for me.  the tissue paper is thick and hard to cut.

step 4:  tie a piece of fishing line, or ribbon if you like, to the wire in the center.  then slowly pull apart the layers.  i emphasize the slowly part because you don't want to tear the tissue...


pretty pom poms


  1. thanks for sharing! I love learning easy decorating ideas for parties. what did you use to attach them to the ceiling?

  2. thanks for my shower and all of the gorgeous decor!!! xoxoxo!


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